Thesaurasize is meant to be a quick and fast online way to look up synonyms for words.

Let us know if there are any bugs, features or ways that we could leverage the thesaurus in your application, we would love to help.

If you love this application, help spread the synonyms, link the word thesaurus on your website or blog to our homepage. You can copy and paste this simple line of code, and put it on your site anywhere you feel it would best go.

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Over time we hope to build the largest collection of synonyms for the english language that can be found anywhere. With your help we can figure out new words, and vote them up or down depending on which ones may be best.

Technical information

Our definitions and initial synonym lists come from the extremely fast growing Wiktionary. If Wiktionary does not have the definition, we also search the free and open Princeton WordNet dictionary.

If you would like to use Thesaurasize for your application, please let us know, we will be working on API integration soon, let us know if you would prefer SOAP, XML, CSS, or plain old text.

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